Using Locums to support employee wellbeing

Why holiday cover is so important for firms and their employees


The pandemic has highlighted the growing importance of wellbeing in the workplace, with firms investing in their employees’ health and wellbeing more so than ever before.


With holiday season upon us, we have experienced a record number of firms coming to us for locum support whilst their permanent employees take some well-needed time off.


So why are Locums so important?


Having easy access to quality Locums can ease the pressures on a workforce and allow employees time to take care of their own physical and mental health – taking time off, without the worry that their clients will suffer.


Locum Solicitors can support firms under a range of circumstances, such as covering staff absence, assisting during times of increased workload, and helping to temporarily manage caseloads following the departure of a permanent employee.


The importance of employee wellbeing


Whilst the average full-time employee works around 37 hours a week, due to client demand and billable time pressures, this figure can often be much higher in the private practice legal industry. This means it can be challenging at times for firms to create an environment that encourages and enables employees to make their wellbeing a priority.


When employees prioritise their physical and mental wellbeing, this can result in:


  • Increased productivity: When employees feel rested, they are much more likely to be productive during working hours.
  • Reduced sick leave: When employees have time to focus on their physical and mental health, they are less likely to experience periods of sick leave.
  • Reduced stress levels: When employees have time away from the pressures of work, they are often able to build resilience which can help them cope better with day-to-day stresses at work.
  • Better staff retention: When employees feel supported and valued, they will have greater loyalty to their current employer, meaning they are less likely to look for alternative opportunities.
  • A happier workforce: When employees are given the time they need to focus on their wellbeing, it can help them to feel happier in both their work and home lives.
  • A great reputation: Future prospective employees are significantly more likely to join a firm that takes the wellbeing of their staff seriously.


Whilst Locums may already form part of your recruitment strategy, it is less likely that they form part of your wellbeing strategy. Please reach out to us if you would like to discuss how our experienced Locums can positively impact your firm and your employees.


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