5 benefits of becoming a Locum – from a top Locum Specialist


We know you are already sold on the flexibility locum work offers you, and everyone has different reasons why a locum contract is preferable to taking on a permanent role.

At Birchrose Associates, our specialist Locum Team has over 30 years’ combined experience. We work with a significant number of solicitors, legal executives, and licensed conveyancers across various practice areas, all with their own personal motivations behind embarking on a locum career.

The circumstances behind locum assignments vary, including short-term holiday cover, bridging the gap whilst a firm recruits permanently, and planned absence cover such as maternity / paternity leave, and as a result allows choice and flexibility of working for a variety of law firms, without the long-term commitment.

Here are some of the main reasons why locum work is beneficial:


  1. Flexibility & work-life balance

A Locum position can provide you with work that fits around your personal commitments. The legal industry, at times, is known for its gruelling hours but that doesn’t always need to be the case. As a Locum, you can add value to a law firm whilst maintaining a work-life balance. It’s common for Locums to offer their services on a part time basis, especially those that already have part-time commitments to their own consultancy work but wish to boost their income. Some choose only to take on work at certain times of the year, such as school term time, and some flex their hours simply because they don’t wish to work full time!


  1. The beauty of variety

Locum assignments vary in duration, from two weeks to cover a fee earner’s annual leave up to 6-12 months to cover planned absence – and sometimes longer. This means you can experience working for multiple firms in a fairly short space of time, exposing you to different working practices, environments, and clients. This variety can be both challenging and rewarding. Over time, once you’ve experienced working for multiple firms, it’s quite common to receive invitations to return and you’re then in control of who you say ‘yes’ to.


  1. Increase your earning potential

As a Locum you get paid an hourly rate, most commonly, on a weekly basis. This rate is paid for all hours worked, not just those that are billable! With the support of your agency, your hourly rate should reflect your qualifications, experience, and expertise. Unless expensed in addition, your hourly rate may also take into account travel and accommodation. Hourly rates in the legal industry are often very competitive meaning you could earn considerably more across the course of a year than if you were salaried.


  1. Expand your network

Locum assignments present the opportunity to meet new people – considerably more than if you were to work for the same law firm for a number of years. Building your network can pay off later down the line in the form of referrals, recommendations, and if you’re lucky, friends too!


  1. Take the pressure off

Don’t rush the search for your dream role! Finding the perfect permanent opportunity can be both time consuming and stressful, especially if due to no fault of your own (for example, redundancy) you are under time constraints. Taking on Locum work will give you the opportunity to explore different environments whilst earning money, meaning you don’t need to rush your search for a new role. You may find a Locum assignment helps you identify the type of law firm you wish to work for, and in some cases, it may even lead to a permanent offer from a firm you’ve already got to know.


To discuss the move to Locum work and how it can benefit you, get in touch with a member of the team today.


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